Making an Impression with therealmrsmakeup

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I was grateful to celebrate it with all of my friends and family! We do a joint birthday celebration with my girlfriend, Brooke, as our birthdays are only days apart. Needless to say, we always spend the night laughing, dancing, and making unforgettable memories together.

This year, one of my close friends, Nathania Giraldo, did my makeup for my birthday. She is a MASTER make-up artist who has many years of experience with brides and event makeup. Talented and experienced, she uses a very unique technique when applying makeup on anyone. Not only does she tailor the makeup to fit your specific tone and face shape, she studies your face to notice the little things that make a difference.

For example, when she was matching my face to the makeup foundation she went for a yellow tone. I said to her, “I am more pink toned in my face so maybe yellow won’t work for me.” Then she explained how that is incorrect information. Yes, I have pink tones on my face, as most redheads do, but she advised that I use yellow to blend that out because the undertone of my skin is actually yellow. She even noticed the tone in my freckles as yellow/brownish and not pink/redish. This was completely new information to me and I realized that is why my makeup always makes my face appear more red then my body. So, lesson learned, stick to yellow toned foundation to even out my pink tones!

Natahania is committed to enhancing the features of her customers and applying makeup in a way that compliments their tone and features. This was a very unique experience for me because she also applied Airbrush makeup so it had a very glowy effect. It was also one of the most relaxing feelings I have ever experienced as the airbrush application process just cools you down like a steamed facial would. And it worked, my makeup stayed on throughout all the dancing, laughing and partying!

She even noticed that one side of my face, especially my eyebrow, is higher than the other and focused on making sure to level my eyebrows so they appear to be the same height. This is huge for me because most times when I have my makeup done, this is overlooked and I always have to fix it on my own. When she finished, I did not have to fix ANYTHING! I was thrilled with the end result. Nathania made sure to stay true to my makeup desire and surpassed my expectations. The night before she came over to do my makeup, I simply tagged her in a photo of what I wanted to go for with the makeup and she made it come to life.

If you are in the SWFL area and are ever in need of a makeup artist please contact Nathania. You can find her on instagram: therealmrsmakeup and on facebook: Mrs.Makeup



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