Easy to use modern and chic fashion trends in your every day style

Every day we get to choose how we want to display ourselves to the entire world as we know it by the clothes we choose to wear. Through the technology available in our current time, we are able to see the what is trending around the world instantly. We can see what is happening in the fashion world on our phones, T.V.s, and computers and we can shop from anywhere in the world, essentially. As a result, there is a universal perspective of fashion in today’s’ time, more so than ever before. My interpretation of the current fashion culture has allowed me to incorporate fundamental pieces such as white or black tops, jeans, nude or black heels, sneakers and more into daily outfits. It’s the modern minimal look that everyone is going for these days and easily accessible to all of us. Not to mention, its more exciting when restructuring pieces into new looks without having to go shopping all the time. Here I list a few tips or fundamentals to use when styling your everyday wardrobe with apparel you probably already own.

By incorporating the basics from various styles, brands, trends, and my own sense of style, I tend to put outfits together that are pretty easy for anyone with the general pieces. What I refer to basics or fundamentals include white or black solid tops, jeans, and everyday heels or flats including sneakers. These fundamental tips highlight basic pieces of apparel that can help to make the process of picking out an outfit everyday fun, even if you are converting pieces you may have put on before. The sources for these pieces that I am sharing are very affordable and of great quality. I am a full time professional and work hard for the income that I earn and so I do not want to have to shop for each work event, dates with hubby, girls night, birthday part, vacations and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop but we also have goals to meet as a family so moderation with shopping is key for my lifestyle.

White or Black Solid Tops.

Long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve; shirt, sweater, tank top- it will serve a purpose in any outfit where you want to go for the effortlessly modern style that has been made famous by various current celebrities. I prefer white short or long sleeve tops and for them to be semi-form fitting so I can pair them with pants and heels to dress-up the look. One of my go to looks would definitely have to be any white top and jeans with a pair of statement heels. Who doesn’t love to go casual chic on long days filled with work, appointments, errands and/or events. With this look I can go through various activities throughout the day in a comfortable and elegant style. H&M and Forever 21 always have these type of shirts in stock in a wide variety of choices. I like to get a few at a time and always end up using every piece in various outfits. Remember, less is more when it comes to this look. I don’t want to add too much to this look because it is effortlessly chic. So, a necklace and watch are the perfect accessories to compliment the look. The only exception to add on more apparel I would make is if you wanted to throw on a modern-fit blazer or jacket for those cold days/nights.


You pick. This is such a personal choice and to me, the hardest piece of clothing to fit. I can never get it to stay the same in any place or store. Its a mess but I have a few go-to brands and boutiques that I have found. I like any type of jean but my favorite is a high-rise that has a natural but curvy fit. Vici (vicicollection.com) has some of my favorite jeans like the Touch the Sky High Wasted Skinny which I’m wearing in the photo below for you guys to see. H&M jeans also fit me well and so do RSQ Jeans.

I tend to go for solid tones and don’t mind if they have or don’t have holes. Again, jeans are such a personal choice because so many women prefer various styles. If you like the edgy, boyfriend and distressed look then Charlotte Russe is your go-to and you can’t beat those prices. Remember, the key is effortless and that is easy to ruin if you throw on too much. Here you can see I let my jeans and boots make a statement, while my shirt and earrings were the complements to the two stars (jeans and boots) in this look.

You can get the Touch the Sky High Wasted Skinny Jeans Here


I like all types of shoes but my favorite has to include: thick heels or no-tie sneakers in black or nude solid tones. I like to blend different themes together sometimes by going very modern and trendy with my clothing and then rudimentary with my shoes with a pare of nude Steve Madden leather sneakers like I’ve shown below. Vici is a great source for trending shoes in all styles with great prices. I’ve purchased shoes for less than $12 on their site and felt like I was stealing them! I actually just got a new pair yesterday in the mail so keep you eye out for them in my next post. Not to mention that Vici usually have some kind of sale code, on their site or instagram, and on top of on-sale prices, you cannot go wrong with the prices.

Red Dress Boutique has similar styles but more options and no-guilt prices. They tend to carry the same if not very similar styles to Vici. Usually when Vici is sold out of my size in a particular shoe, I know I can probably find it in Red Dress Boutique. You can also use shoes as a statement piece or star of an outfit if you love your heels! I like to use certain shoes as the statement piece for various looks. You can let them take center stage while using basic pieces as I have previously mentioned to compliment the shoes you are highlighting.

Accessories to enhance your style.

This isn’t a side though like garnish on a dish. Accessories can make or break outfits without a close attention to detail. I pick up accessories in any store that I find something I like or need but Francescas is one of my top stores for these pieces. Another one is World Market, which is insane because they are known for wine and home decor but carry the minimal styled jewelry including earrings and necklaces. I have purchased earrings there for $5 that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Now, this depends on preference so if you like gold or silver tones stick to one so that your bracelet and earrings have a higher chance of matching tones. Again, this is a personal choice. I like for my tones to match when I am wearing them. Depending on the jewelry I decide to wear, I will add a purse or hand bag that compliments my jewelry.

See my thought on this hierarchy of assembling my accessories is this, I will wear the jewelry consistently throughout the day rather than the handbag or purse because it comes on and off- for me. Then, the cherry on top is my favorite accessory to wear- my sunglasses! Seriously, is there no better feeling then putting on your shades after you have your outfit together and looking at yourself in the mirror- ready to take on the day? I really like Blenders Eyewear because their styles are universal, plus some are uni-sex so both hubby and I can share. I’m wearing the Blue Angel and they are still available on their website along with a ton of other great styles.

Thanks for going on our journey!                                                                         



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