I have too many items in my Saved lists while shopping online

Please note that this post is sponsored by Brazilian Wood Depot, but all opinions are my own.

The ease of finding the perfect thing while scrolling from anywhere has led to a seemingly never-ending Saved list on Amazon for me. Let’s face it, it’s easier than ever to pick out exactly what you have in mind for that new rug, chair, table and literally anything else. While having so many options to select from it’s hard for me to pick just one. So on to the Saved list they go! And with hubby and I saving for our first home, I spend a lot of time looking through interior and exterior home decor. It’s my ultimate home shopping, literally, experience where I grab a glass of wine and unwind by finding exactly what I need for our dream home.

But first, let’s talk about the CRAZY housing market prices and how scary it can be for a first time home buyer. This is UNKNOWN territory for many young families and can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, we have a wonderful family where some are in the real estate industry and can guide us through the process. And even with that, it can still be a daunting experience. When, we are ready and the market meets our ability, then we will move forward with finding our first home. This is such an exciting time for our family and I admit, that planning the decor for our future home is more fun than I’d imagined thanks to the ease of online shopping! 

The fall is just around the corner and I can’t wait to start decorating and wearing layers! Find my fall outfit essentials on my Amazon shop here.

During my ‘ultimate home shopping’ moments, I have been focused on what we want for the kitchen, living room and the deck of the home. Since, these are the areas most used by the entire family at home so they are important spaces. I see our son playing in an open and airy living room with tons of windows he can see the birds or airplanes outside. He is two and is currently obsessed with anything that flies. We live in Florida and the sunsets in Naples are some of the most beautiful in the world. People travel here from all over just to see them. So the deck and patio area will be essential to completing our home so we can enjoy those beautiful sunset skies! And the kitchen will be the heart, the hub. We love to cook and so does Jordan so having an island where we can all work around will be fun for family cooking sessions. Here’s a curated look through some of my favorite pieces patiently waiting in my saved lists on pretty much any major online retailer!

The kitchen- is open with TONS of counter space and an island (the center of my world lol). I’m not super tied to colors and want character rather than the minimalist look that gives me shivers from one look. Don’t get me wrong, it looks REALLY nice and white and clean and just a NIGHTMARE waiting to happen with a boy toddler who thinks of anything white as a canvas… And I want to include these four tiered metal tower for fruit and veg table storage racks for a warmer feel. Our little guy loves to pick his fruits out so this would allow him to reach and see what the options are. 

The deck has to allow for a seating and play area. Hubby loves to barbecue so having that up with a table for us to enjoy meals outdoors is ideal. I can’t wait to host birthday parties and family events where everyone can FIT outside. Growing up our parents always hosted get togethers and we made some of our best memories there. I want to be able to do the same for my son and give him a place to make those kind of core memories. If you want a great deck for the backyard, try Brazilian Wood Depot and the beautiful real wood deck that they can make for your home. They import Brazilian hardwood, such as Ipe fencing that is naturally resistant to rot, insect attack, fire, mold and more!

The living room- is full of light and windows which are vital to the living room for a light airy feel so that our family will want to be in the space. I want a big sectional that we can sleep in comfortably for those SWFL rainy afternoons or when I want to Netflix and chill. This one below is from Article and comes in three colors, pebble gray, olio green and rainy cloud gray. Which leads to the most important aspect, the rug! It has to be bigger than the couch that is in a modern traditional style. So, the dream home has multiplied my Saved list on any online shopping platform, but at least when the time comes to buy our home, we will have everything we could need in just a click! 

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